Stay fit the Parisian way 

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I can’t count how many times I’ve read posts like “The Parisian way to stay slim” or even “How do Parisian girls stay fit” and so on… The thing is, there’s no such thing as a Parisian way to stay slim. Or maybe there is depending on how your day by day happens. For example if you live in a city like L.A where you barely walk on a daily basis but still eat like the world is coming to an end within the next hour, then yes you can consider there is a secret.

I walk a near 5 miles/day without even making an effort. Most of us parisiens walk from A to B without giving it a second thought, because you know (you don’t know.) having to take the metro is a freaking workout in itself!

I was shocked to realize I was actually walking an average 6 miles/day since I started using Charity miles (an app that counts your daily steps and gives money to charity by that simple action) without purposefully going out in order to get some sort of workout in! BINGO, first secret on how we maintain some sort of fit state without too much effort!

But that’s not it. Not in my case anyway. I’ve always struggled to keep my weight from fluctuating so I had to find a way to stay in shape without having to do one of the drastic diets I’ve been doing for so long. I have a long history of eating disorders that started when I was a chubby 16 year old and that lasted until I found a way to treat my body right. What I found out is that by simply giving my body actual food instead of all that junk full of fat I love so fucking much, I dropped the excess weight in a matter of weeks!

What you want to remember is that your body is an engine and it desperately needs fuel. By fuel I mean food that’s going to give it all the vitamins, nutrients, protein and fiber it needs to keep you from starving and feeling low.

I found out after MANY attempts at loosing weight (Atkins I’m looking at you!) that eating tons of fibers was what worked the best for me. So I eat lentils, quinoa, starchy and delicious foods such as sweet potato, parsnip, chick peas (also called garbanzo beans) but also raw veggies, roasted veggies with garlic, veggie stews, and the list goes on and on (I don’t avoid meat at all but I do happen to eat a lot less of it when I want to stay healthy for some reason). Basically I don’t give a second glance at anything that has a long list of additives and a shit ton of sugar, eat whole grain instead of white flour, avoid eating after 7pm and search for recipes that won’t look either bland or disgusting. Remember, being healthy doesn’mean having to give up on taste! 

Sounds silly having to say it again but, drinking loads of water helps tremendously too, most of the time you think you’re hungry when really you’re just thirsty *insert ‘simple as that emoji’*.

All in all, think about  your need to feed your body for it to work properly instead of only thinking about what your sweet tooth is craving at that particular moment in time! (don’t lie to me I know you surrender! #UnderstandingSMH).

You got the drill by now, if you have some sort of daily workout and a healthy regimen, you’re most likely going to stay fit. Maybe try going to work with your bike instead of your car ? Do weekly hikes ? I personally fell in love with hiking while in Portugal this summer (all the pics from this post were taken throughout this trip) and actually wish I could do more of them in Paris ; sadly it isn’t that easy to hike here.

This post isn’t about loosing weight as the title says, it is about staying in shape but in my case, some weight has dropped because of all the bad habits I cut from the root (It’s ALL your fault cheese & wine!) and workout more. I usually workout about 3 times a week (I mainly do cardio and resistance training) despite the fact that I walk quite a lot every day.

 Im quite loving the adrenaline rush it gives me and I should be seeing some results at some point surely. Right ?

As I look back at these pics, the last advice I wanna give you is to try and make it enjoyable! Try giving your eyes a treat while taking care of your body, find a workout that will actually make you have a good time and try not seeing it as a dreading task.

Here you go, if anyone asks you what the Parisian way to stay slim is, you now know the secret lays in those dirty and long ass metro tunnels and now you can flaunt your godly knowledge in front of your squad (God I hate that word).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I had more calories in the past two days than humanly recommended so I’m gonna have to go to the gym and spend the nigh there.

Amour & saucisson,


  • Ionka


    Love this post!!
    With the time I discovered that I don’t need to make a fucking diets to stay fit. It’s all about to eat healthy and less junk and also I find a way to enjoy my workout 😉 . I am not slim but I feel comfortable in my body and I LOVE IT.

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