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Ahhh la parisienne … “La parisienne” as you probably know her from a foreign point of view is a woman with an innate sense of chic, a natural and effortless style, a look that’s never overdone, she most likely has long, blond, messy but never beachy strands and is carrying a baguette under her armpit at ALL TIMES. Am I burning yet? YES, I know I am.
Except la parisienne is NOT that. Well, not always anyway…
I for one am not the description of the parisienne the media will portray and make you want to copy because she’s fucking perfect and looks like she got out of a bed made of roses. The one I know and see in the street is not always 5’9 with endless legs wearing skinny jeans and a blue blazer to perfection, no. She is also the curly haired (that she can’t style because they’re the fucking bane of her existence) with olive skin, she is what skinny babes (and herself) will call chubby but you won’t because chubby and skinny have different meanings depending on your side of the pond. She is not obsessed with Kale and actually finds it pretty gross. She loves cheese as much as she loves her children. She doesn’t date because dating is a foreign concept to her and she doesn’t need to have ‘THE talk’ with a guy she’s seeing to know if they’re going to be exclusive or not because when the parisienne (and the parisien) is seeing someone, it is just obvious they’re not seeing a bunch of someoneS.

All in all, she is not a cliché.

She might look effortless (to you. But again : effortless doesn’t mean the same to everyone) but spent exactly the same amount of time you did this morning in the bathroom. She sings her lungs out in the shower, wears snickers with grace (or not. That’s a lesson you gotta learn) and pride. She hates heels and never gets too fancy to go to dinner because its just not her. Casual chic is what you call it.

She loves clothes but doesn’t like fashion. She doesn’t follow trends and prefers sticking to timeless pieces to which she’ll give a modern twist one way or another.

She’s not looking for the foundation with the best coverage because she’d rather have great skin that barely needs any foundation at all. Her pores are her friend. She doesn’t hate them. If she succeeds at making them as tight as possible of course.

She’ll order red wine for lunch -naturellement- and will give you a “live a little” look when you order a soda.

She’ll go have coffee by herself without shame and stay at her table for hours just reading a book (he will pause every 5 minute so she can check her socials), marvel at people passing by or thinking of what the hell she’s gonna cook tonight and eventually decide on calling her fav thai. All that a cigarette in hand (don’t even get me started!).

She’s open minded and opinionated. She wants to see the world and meet people she will stay friends with for a long time. She’ll annoy them to death telling them to come visit her so that she’ll make them see her city like a true parisian sees it *cough* no Champs Elysées *cough* and will take you to an impossible amount of dinners at her favorite brasserie.

All in all,

La parisienne loves.

La parisienne LIVES.

Hopefully you got where this blog is going by now. I personally am on my way to Emmaus to see what little vintage treasures I can find. Oh ouai, I forgot, the parisienne loves flea markets and vintage finds like nothing else. And the one writing this post right there will give you the opportunity to shop her vintage finds because she’s selfless like that and likes to share (when her two boys give her time to breathe).

I’ll see you soon?

There’s A LOT more you dont know about her as she is a multitude of women and has a whole damn lot to say *wink wink*

Xx M.

  • Sam


    I absolutely love this! Looking forward to your blog posts ?

    • Rain

      What a joy to find such clear thingink. Thanks for posting!

  • Lrliot



    Cool 1st article. it absolutely matches with your general tone on social media that is cool, fun and direct! I really like it!

    I hope you’ll be able to post frequently because i apprecited some of your skin care advice! so thanks!

    But I have one question, when do you find the time to be a mother, work, blog and all the rest at the same time? i mean when do you sleep?

  • Latoya


    Hey, that post leaves me feeling foihlso. Kudos to you!

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