Guide to Fall french girl style 

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If you have internet access, you probably already know that French girl style is all the hype right now.

The Parisienne is everywhere, from L.A/NYC based street style stars to rising stars such as the very cool Dakota Johnson to ultimate It girl Alexa Chung and boss lady Jessica Alba. They all have that je ne sais quoi that makes the parisian girl so special and effortlessly cool in the eyes of millions of women all over the world without actual french genes in their blood.

So what is it about the french girl that makes her so stylish and cool? Let me tell you it has nothing to do with the brands she wear or the money she spends on it. In fact, the parisienne spends her money very wisely and isn’t fazed by the multitude of trends coming her way and THAT my friends is what I call cool!

The thing is, la parisienne knows what is right for her. It really is all about knowing what makes her feel great in her clothes and knowing how to assemble them in order to give her that put together but never overdone vibe.

Look at these pics and tell me what these babes have in common.

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rs_634x1024-161012154936-634-dakota-johnson-new-york-kg-101216Jessica Alba shopping at 'Bel Bambini' in West Hollywood Featuring: Jessica Alba Where: Los Angeles, CA, United States When: 24 Oct 2013 Credit: WENN.comdakota_johnson_streetstyle

They are all basically wearing the same items we all wear daily only with a  ‘I just opened my closet with my eyes closed and got dressed’ vibe as the pinch of salt your outfits might be missing. They look like they actually don’t really give AF. The key to this allure you most likely aspire to are actually not the clothes themselves but how they feel in them! #FeelingYourself is IN ladies!

They probably have millions of the same, classic, timeless, ‘goes with everything’ pieces in their closet and know thrywon’t have to give too much thought when it’s time to head out.

What you want to do in order to achieve that level of freaking coolness are very simple steps :

  • Find the right denim for you (Truly girl, you NEED to do this!#GameChanger). It should be comfortable, classic and in a good fabric. Go for a good ol’ Levis 501 if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Find the perfect fall jacket/coat/leather jacket in a color that’ll go with everything present in your closet (I personally go for shades of Grey and camel) (See what I did here Dakota Johnson? *insert mischievous grin*)
  • Get you a pair of comfortable boots with a chunky heel that’s not so high you look over prepped but not too small either so your legs still get the elongated bonus a heel gives you. Sneakers will work too. Obviously.
  • Add to the equation a cross body bag in either a shade that will give your outfit the pop of color it lacks (us parisians don’t ever really feel like actual color is needed though.) or in a fall hue that will match your uniform for a monochromatic look.

Now here is how I do parisian cool.

This is basically my daily uniform, I’m not really adventurous with my daily style and having found my uniform saves me a huge amount of time when t’s time to get ready and go out while still feeling good about my overall look.

Please apologize the shitty iPhone quality pictures but I wanted to post a fashion blog even though my camera hasn’t arrived yet.



Jeans Levi’s 501 (vintage) and Meltin Pot (skinny ones)

White fluffy angora seater Balenciaga (out of stock)

Blue cardigan – Vintage

Star printed blue bodysuit & clack boots – Zara

Wool coat – Vintage

Watch – Cluse

Leather jacket & camel suede boots – Maje

Hoping this post enlightened you,

Amour & saucisson,

Xx Mand.


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