Beginners skincare routine

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After that introduction post, you now know that good skin is a parisienne’s best accessory. Pollution being part of our daily life, we have to take great care of our skin or risk seeing it turn into a dull canvas on top of the eventual breakout.

Pollution added to the smoking factor (in my case at least. BOO yeah I know!), coffee drinking instead of green matcha and a daily 5 detox juices (I see ya L.A girl) along with an outrageous cheese consumption (I have zero control over this) are our worst ennemies and yet we refuse to accept that grayish smoker/coffee drinker/big city resident skin. Complex little beings uh …

So what does la parisienne do on a daily basis to fight all of the attacks she’s often self inflicting? Here is my personal skin care routine for a glowing complexion.

The first thing you want to do is stay hydrated! That means at least 2L of H2O. If you find that hard to achieve, dont hesitate to set multiple alarms on your phone to remind you to have one of your minimum 8 glasses a day. There are even apps especially made for that purpose like Daily water and Waterlogged if you’re a little geekette.

Your skin is basically the reflexion of the way you treat your body so the more hydration and healthy foods you give it, the better it’ll look on the outside.

Then the best thing you can do to be on the road to glowy skin is knowing your skin type. I’d advise seeing a dermatologist that will give you a skin type diagnosis and  go from there knowing which products will help you get that healthy complexion and glow you’ve always craved.

I personally have mixed skin (oily T-zone) with a tendency for chin breakouts. I even give those fuckers a name when they come ruin all the effort mind you.

Now now, apart from the obvious stated above (thats isn’t so obvious from what I’ve learned), here are a few of my essentials steps to clearer skin :

Invest TIME in a proper morning AND night face wash. Let me break this down for a min.

Step 1 : Removing your make up.

Taking your make up off is a MUST but is simply NOT enough. I’ve seen my skin get tremendously better since using an actual face wash post make up removing that I apply with a face brush (I have this one from Braun that is cheaper than the Clarisonic ones and that does the job just fine!). I also use an activated charcoal konjac sponge when I don’t feel like using the brush, it costs 6,95e at Sephora and it’s very gentle on the skin if it tends to be irritated/dry.

If you have mixed skin like me, I’d advise going for a gel make up remover or a micellar water instead of a cream/milk formula. I use one from Corinne de Farme that is one of the cheapest I’ve ever tried and it works amazing on the skin and eyes.

Step 2 : Wash.

This is the part where either the face brush or the konjac sponge gets to business in my routine. I sometimes use it with the make up remover too but usually it’s on days I know I won’t be extra precise in my wash.

I’m a Cetaphil addict but I have to confess that I’ve been unfaithful … I’ve started seeing using a Neutrogena one (different than mine but just as good) that I bought in Portugal where they know nothing about the holy grail that Cetaphil is and happened to love it.

The fruity smell and the feeling of instant freshness on my face literally sent my good ol pal Ceta on a mini vacay!

Step 3 : Tone.

I currently use the Clearly corrective clarity activating toner from Kiehl’s  because of dark spots on my chin caused by pimple popping *eye roll*.

It has been miraculous on my dark spots. NOT EXAGGERATING.

I had spots so dark on my chin I could barely cover them with make up (I could’ve but I refuse to put 17 layers of anything on my skin) and this toner honestly just solved the problem.

As for the times I didn’t need it, I used a Tea tree water from Lush that helped balance out my skin and deal with the oiliness.

Warning : tea tree anything is photosensible so do NOT use it if you plan on exposing your skin to the sun.


I could never say it enough : FEED YOUR SKIN!

You’ve done it from the inside by giving it good foods, now is the time to feed it from the outside IN! I am convinced that you don’t need your moisturizer to be expensive for it to do what it’s supposed to. Know your skin type and find out which one suits you best! Don’t hesitate to ask your local Sephora (whenever you buy something of course) for a sample ! They will literally give you anything they have under their desk if you ask for it.

I just received the Glossier priming moisturizer and so far so very good! It’s extra light weight and minimizes the pores instantly!

I think we’ve covered the basics and hope I helped you with the first steps to recovery from dull, glow free skin.

We will get deeper into the subject later but I honestly think that if you follow this easy and rather inexpensive routine, you might just get there !

Beware though… The more you get used to good skin the more you’ll want it to be even better!

Amour & saucisson.

Xx Mand.


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