30 year old parisienne mama of two uncontrollable boys, wife to a hairy grizzly but mainly just woman with a multitude of interests and a huge desire to share.

I am a sucker for vintage clothing, home decor (Pinterest is EVIL I tell ya!), beauty anything and I preach body positivity and will continue to do so if it’s the last thing I do.

My job has been dressing women for a long time and through the years, I’ve learned a lot about them and about myself through them. I’ve been a sales assistant, a personal shopper, a vintage expert taking everyone on long ass days of going through EVERY parisian vintage shop and now I want my expertise to be available to you!

La parisienne is a powerful woman in the media these days but I have this insuperable feeling that she has become a cliché.

A poster on the wall of a New-York flat when she is nothing but. Don’t get me wrong, not everything you read is wrong about her, it’s just that she is not just the Jane Birkin they portray her to be (even though we all worship her like the queen she is).
I’ve also realized not so long ago that there are still a large amount of women who want to learn how to take care of their skin, curate or eve, simply find their style, see Paris through the eyes of those who LIVE the city daily in a friendly, non overbearing, positive and empowering atmosphere.

This is my goal.

Care to join me on my journey?

Xx Mand.